2020 Collaborative photography show

Emily Flory, Carolina Kane, Leah Trznadel

The term artifact in photography refers to distortions caused by compression or interpolation within an image. These unconformities are visible breaks in the facade of photography and the representational values it possesses. This departure from regularity in images themselves is a reflection of the way in which experience and memory are perceived: fluid, distorted, fading. This exhibition creates a sense of togetherness between artist, image and viewer; a line of communication to comment on immersion, subjectivity and perspective in photography. 

Touch all The Plants so You'll Never die

2019 Thesis Exhibition. 

Video apart of the Tinnerman Lofts collection

This body of work, Touch All The Plants So You’ll Never Die, is a series of video installations that explores the concepts developed by the 13th Future Feminists as well as the female figure, and the relationship with the natural landscape’s spiritual embodiments. Within these videos, the female figure is born from the soil of the earth and engages with natural objects such as dirt, leaves, and trees. When the figure interacts with these natural objects, these actions are delicate, as if these objects are an extension of its own body. These videos contain layered imagery of the figure and the natural world which depict a physical connection between the two and allude to the greater concept of spirituality